Polaris Cosmetics


Among the brightest in the night sky, the Polaris North Star has been a guiding light since the beginning of time. Like stars, women are luminous and constantly changing.

Polaris Cosmetics is your guiding light toward radiant beauty. Founded in 1998 by Cristina Romeo, Polaris Cosmetics delivers
          a brilliant makeup line using the finest hypoallergenic ingredients to achieve ultimate alluring perfection.

                                   Established on the principles of continuously providing excellent customer service and cutting edge            
                                            products, Polaris Cosmetics continues to meet industry standards and maintain             
                                                                                                 clientele satisfaction.                       

                            Polaris Cosmetics functions out of a beautiful location in Salon Patrece in Encino, CA, and out of
                              a fabulous studio in the heart of Thousand Oaks, CA. A place where clients escape for a little
                                      peace and pampering, our locations offer a luxurious experience. We pride ourselves in
                                          offering a line of cosmetics that are innovative, fresh, dermatologist adored and
                                                                                           exclusively for every woman.

   Available on location or in our studios, our talented team of stylish, highly trained
     and professionally versatile artists can compliment your enchanting elegance
                                        and bring out the inner goddess in you.

Everything Beautiful,
                                                      Everything You!

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